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RIP Mochi Media

2014-03-14 21:12:38 by sunnydk87

The services will discontinue March 31, 2014.  It's been a good run.


Polar Vortex'd PC

2014-01-07 06:00:16 by sunnydk87

Would a PC run better outside in -13.8C?  Yes, I got that bored.

I have concluded...

2013-12-15 09:57:11 by sunnydk87

I have concluded that I don't know anything about what makes a game great.  The only think I do know is how to make the game look great.  So, as I say before, I'm more of a 3d artist than a programmer/game developer, so... I'm an artist who makes games out of art?   Ehh, I dunno.  I spent 10 - 14 hours a day for 18 days making the Xmas game (Lots of rendering, modeling, etc) and it gets panned.  Ah well, that's life.


2013-11-21 08:29:34 by sunnydk87

Every day I try to think of ways to push the limits of myself and abilities.

Well, sometime this morning after not sleeping, I found a new way to enhance escape game experience. The first achievement was dynamic lighting instead of still frames. The next game will have more awesomeness! Problem is, I need more computing power. 3 hours to render 1 frame isn't cool. The game after the next will be... beyond words.

After looking at the results for the Epic Thanksgiving, I might not be TOO bad at coding, but I think my strength lies in 3d art with the ability to code as sort of a compliment to it's potential. Maybe I should stick with that formula.